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    Massive offers a complete range of lighting for all your decorating needs, from a pendant for above your living room table to a simple ceiling light for the bedroom. To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, Massive has subdivided this range into four styles:

    Contemporary Design: modern and stylish
    Multi: fun and colorful
    Charm: warm and cozy
    Authentic: traditional and multi-ethni


    Over the last years, the garden and patio have more and more become an integral part of the home. Lighting is perfect to accentuate garden paths, illuminate your doorstep and driveway, and create a cosy ambience on your patio.

    Massive offers a wide range of luminaires specially designed for outdoor use. Whether you’re looking for a simple wall light, a recessed spot or even a 3-light lantern post, you’ll find it in our collection.


    Massive recessed spots are available in a wide variety of colours, wattages, shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a basic spot or a more decorative one, Massive’s broad collection provides the perfect recessed spot for every interior.

    Next to design and functionality, user-friendliness is a key priority for Massive. This expresses itself in the well-considered engineering and the manual with clear mounting instructions.

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