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    If you are looking to light your home with quality luminaires for an affordable price, spending as little effort as possible, Massive is the brand you need.

    The packaging clearly indicates how and where the lighting can be used and understandable instructions make installing Massive as easy as can be. Thanks to the reassurance of European style and build quality, Massive is the convenient lighting brand you can trust. It meets all safety regulations and standards and, what is more, most Massive luminaires include include Signify light bulbs, ensuring the high quality and reliable light for years and years. Massive is available in a wide range of utility and decorative designs for home and garden, each perfectly suited to their purpose.

    Stylish and functional at a price you can afford, that is Massive:

    Home lighting at your convenience.

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    Industrieterrein Satenrozen 13
    2550 KONTICH
    RPR Brussel: 0403.138.532
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    Massive is a brand of Signify Holding B.V.


    Massive is a brand with a long-lasting experience. Founded in 1926, Massive evolved through the years to Europe’s number one in consumer lighting, covering good quality for an affordable price. Today the collection offers an extensive range for home and garden, which can be found throughout Europe in retail and DIY. Nowadays, Massive is one of the brands of Signify Consumer Luminaires.
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